Web Application Firewall

Applications remain one of the most commonly exploited threat vectors. Protect your business applications with Seevind.

What is a WAF or Web Application Firewall?

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What is a WAF or Web Application Firewall?

A WAF is a Web Application Firewall that protects applications and workloads from web exploits or security compromises. Configuring a WAF in your environment can control how web traffic reaches your applications. Setting security rules to protect against common attack patterns and filtering out traffic types can prevent malicious intent to corrupt data or processes.


Why Choose a Seevind WAF

With Seevind, you aren’t just adding a service. By being a Seevind customer, you get access to our Devoted Support 24x7x365, which includes our 1–technician–to–1–ticket philosophy of dedicating ourselves to a customer request until completion. In addition, you gain access to our team of Devoted Engineers, these highly certified experts are available on-demand to help you with your digital transformation strategy.  

Speed & Acceleration

Accelerate application performance by optimizing data traffic

Data Security

Protect your data while getting the most from your applications that are critical to business success

Easier to use

Increase agility by adding, changing and removing custom WAF security rules anytime, allowing you to block common attack patterns, such as SQL injection or cross-site scripting on-demand
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Seevind is the first hyper-converged, managed multicloud provider specifically built to serve the mid-market.

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