Managed Database Hosting

We go beyond keeping your servers running and performing optimally — we keep your business running. Whether it's installing an open source application, a proprietary third party application or something that you coded in house, our managed hosting means that we will optimally install, manage, monitor, scale and secure that application every time. Our goal is to allow you to focus on your core business rather than managing the underlying infrastructure.

Managed Database

Our proprietary security and stability monitoring allows us to track everything that is happening in your database. We monitor the smallest changes to maximize your security and stability.

Even the smallest changes can greatly impact your database and site performance. We help optimize your code and systems in every scenario. With our experience in large-scale sites handling millions and millions of database queries a day, your business will be able to take advantage of our in-house expertise.

No matter how simple or complex your configuration, our team of dedicated database administrators can help you build, deploy, configure, optimize, and secure the right solution for your business. Our Database Management includes: 

> MySQL installation review and tweaking to best match your project goals
> MySQL installation securing with our proprietary auditing systems
> Proactive database monitoring and response
> Database performance tuning and optimization consulting
> Scalable planning, replication and clustering solutions
> Backup and restoration management

Talk to us today about creating a custom solution for you.

Hosting Solutions Designed for You

Dedicated Servers

You don't have to share if you don't want to. Configure your own server with a range of CPU, RAM and storage options — all on 100% dedicated hardware.

Database Hosting

Which Database are you using? MySQL, SQL, Oracle? No matter what you use. At Seevind You can host All database types with Us.

Managed Storage

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In-built CDN

All of our products are comes with an In-build CDN Network. Powered by 25+ POPs distributed around the Globe.

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